Whitewater Canoeing on the Glover River

The Glover River is a seasonal river flowing through McCurtain County in southeastern Oklahoma. The Glover offers about 27.5 miles of scenic beauty amid some challenging rapids and falls. The Glover is not a casual river that anybody can run – intermediate to advanced whitewater paddling skills and swiftwater rescue training are highly advised for those who want to run it during highwater.

It is generally best to run short trips due to insufficient water for downriver trips most of the time, and with eight access points in less than 28 miles it is easy to find sections to paddle. Most of the time some walking will be required on the upper section above Forest Road 71400 / 53000, especially during prolonged droughts. The lower section almost always has adequate water for a good trip.

Water Quality and flow are generally good. The Glover flows over a bed of solid rock and gravel shoals. The upper section may require some walking, even when the river is flowing. Except during prolonged droughts the lower section should almost always have enough water for an enjoyable trip.

Best Times to Float
The prime times to paddle it are March through July, or September through November. During a long drought the river may not be hospitable in summer months, extending into early fall. The best time to go is right after a good rainfall in the drainage basin of the river.