Things To Do Near the Glover River

The Crooked River Cabins sit on a bluff overlooking the Glover River, Oklahoma’s last free flowing river. The Glover provides a wonderful opportunity at your backdoor to enjoy swimming, fishing and canoeing.

While situated on the banks of the Glover River we are surrounded by the incredible natural beauty of mountains, forests and streams. The Glover River is part of the Honobia – Three Rivers Wildlife Management area that also includes the Upper Mountain Fork and Eagle Fork rivers. Encompassing 930,000 acres of Ouachita National Forest and Weyerhauser-owned timberlands, the Honobia-Three Rivers WMA is home to deer, wild hogs, wild turkey, black bear, mountain lions, and elk.

Broken Bow Lake & Beavers Bend State Park

Nearby (about 25 minutes) is Broken Bow Lake and Beavers Bend State Park providing boating, skiing and other water sports on a pristine Mountain lake.

Broken Bow Lake and Beavers Bend State Park

Broken Bow Lake is located in McCurtain County, on the Mountain Fork River, one of the most picturesque settings in Oklahoma.

The lake stretches 22 miles back into the Ouachita mountain country where its unusual beauty and scenic appeal beckons all nature enthusiasts. The mountain terrain is densely forested and there are many species of birds native to the area for birdwatchers to enjoy.

For hikers there are two nature trails available for their enjoyment; the Big Oak Nature Trail which is about a quarter of a mile long and is suitable for use by senior citizens and small children, and the rugged and beautiful Beaver Lodge Nature Trail which is a two-way trail located near the River Bend area and winds along a clear stream through a valley surrounded by pine-covered hills. Both trails will be enjoyed by nature lovers of all ages.

Numerous park areas located around the lake give the visitor an unmatched opportunity for outdoor family fun and relaxation. Recreational facilities include boat launching ramps, camping, picnic sites, beaches, water and sanitary facilities.

The climate at Broken Bow Lake offers outdoor sportsmen excellent opportunities for year-round angling.

Hunting on project lands are equally good for the hunting enthusiast, and with the exception of developed areas and certain Game Preserves, all project lands are open to the public for hunting. Deer are the most important big game species found in the area.

Glover River Trail Rides: horseback riding just 2 miles from the cabins call: 580-241-5763 or

Day at Beavers Bend!

  • Beavers Bend Wildlife Museum 7 miles North of Broken Bow on Hwy 259
  • Forest Heritage Center Museum Beavers Bend Resort Park
  • Beavers Bend Nature Center Beavers Bend Resort Park
  • Lunch at the Beavers Bend Restaurant Beavers Bend Resort Park
  • Beavers Bend Train Depot Beavers Bend Resort Park
  • Hike a trail (the David Boren Trail is a good one) Beavers Bend Resort Park
  • Beavers Bend Swim Beach Beavers Bend Resort Park


Please call to discuss riding ATVs in the area surrounding Crooked River Cabins.

ATV Rules - Ouachita National Forest in Oklahoma

Rules for off-highway vehicle (OHV) – this includes ATVs, 4-wheelers, 3-wheelers, utility vehicles such as mules & motorcycles. For a more pleasant visit, please take a moment to review the following:


  • OHVs may be used on open unpaved National Forest roads constructed and intended for normal or regular motor vehicles. A road is considered closed if there is a sign, gate, or other barricade, including a dirt mound, blocking the road. So, just because someone else went around or over that dirt mound that is closing the road doesn’t mean you should do the same. Prior illegal use does not imply permission to ride off the open road. You could receive a fine up to $300.00. You can drive on unpaved county roads but only in the National Forest – not elsewhere.
  • OHV use is not permitted on the forest floor (off-road).
  • Do not ride on or across a highway.
  • OHVs are not allowed on trails designated solely for hiking, mountain biking, and equestrian use.
  • Do not drive in or beside streambeds, creek beds, lakebeds, shorelines, or on power lines, pipelines, fire lines, or railroad right-of-ways.
  • Make sure your vehicle is in good condition with a USDA approved spark arrester.
  • Helmets required by Okla. Law for those under 18 years.
  • Passengers may not be carried unless specifically designed for this by the manufacturer. (Okla Law)
  • 25 mph speed limit. Stop and yield right-of-way for horse riders. Horses may be spooked by vehicles.
  • You can consume beer, wine or liquor as long as you are not riding or driving. Drivers may not be intoxicated or under the influence of alcohol while driving.
  • Remember, “pack it in, pack it out.” Do not litter.

The Reason for the Rules

The Reason for the Rules: Heavy or irresponsible OHV use can wreak havoc on the environment. It can damage watersheds, destroy habitats, kill native plant and animal species, and pollute streams and rivers.

To help preserve these resources and the continued opportunities for you to enjoy using your vehicle on public lands, we ask that you observe the guidelines listed above and report violations.

There are other rules and regulations for the Three Rivers Management Area under the management of the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation. Phone: (918) 527-5308

For more information, please call the Oklahoma Ranger District at (580) 494-6402.

ATV riding is not permitted at the cabin.

Tent camping and RVs are not allowed at the cabins.

  • Beavers Bend Depot: In the Park (580) 494-6613
  • Beavers Bend Amusements: In the Park (580) 494-6512

(Miniature golf, paddle boats, canoe & kayak rentals)

  • Hochatown Amusements: Hwy 259 & Beaver’s Bend Exit (580) 494-6706
  • McCurtain Cinema: South Hwy 259 between Broken Bow and Idabel (580) 286-2220
  • Rocket Roller Rink: 1314 E Washington Street, Idabel (580) 286-3603
  • Skateway: 200 Broadway, Broken Bow (580) 584-9444
  • Ambush Adventures: 3 miles East Hwy 70, Broken Bow (580) 584-2273
  • Wild Goose Canoe & Kayak Rental: Hwy 70 East, Broken Bow (580) 584-2277
  • WW Canoe Rental: 5 miles East Hwy 70 (580) 584-6856
  • Beavers Bend Marina: 12 miles N Hwy 259 Stevens Gap (580) 494-6455
  • Broken Bow Boat Center: (580) 584-5428
  • Lakeway Marine: (580) 584-5253
  • Steve’s Marine: (580) 494-6412
  • Broken Bow Scuba Service: 580-584-3408
  • Beavers Bend Land & Water Park: In the Park (580) 494-6512
  • Abendigo’s Grill and Patio: North Hwy 259 – (580) 494-7222
  • Beavers Bend Restaurant: Inside Park (580) 494-6551
  • Dancing Rabit Creek Coffee House: North Hwy 259 – (580)494-6321
  • Sullivan’s Market on Main – Pizza, Deli, Gas & Groceries: 100 Main Street – 580-241-5232
  • The Oaks Steakhouse: 2204 S. Park Dr. BB (580) 584-5266
  • Papa Pablanos: N. Park Dr. BB (580) 584-9495
  • The Pie Lady: 115 W 1st St. BB (580) 584-PIES
  • Steven’s Gap Restaurant: N. Hwy 259 – (580) 494-6350
  • Smith Good Eats: 206 S. Park Dr. BB (580) 584-3988

Broken Bow Lake Guide Service

  • Bryce Archery: (580) 494-6447
  • Three Rivers Fly Shop: 7 miles N Hwy 259 – (580) 494-6115
  • Cedar Creek Golf Course: 9 miles N Hwy 259 Cedar Creek Exit (580) 494-6456
  • Idabel Country Club: (580) 286-7545
  • Choctaw Casino: South Park Drive, Broken Bow (580) 584-5450
  • Big Rock Saloon: South Hwy 259 between Broken Bow and Idabel (580) 286-7077
  • Beavers Bend Folk Festival: 2nd weekend in November
  • Cool Cars & Crazy Cones: May – Broken Bow
  • Dogwood Days: Idabel
  • Owa-Chito: Beavers Bend State Park 3rd weekend in June
  • Girls Gone Wine: 10 Miles North Hwy 259 – (580) 306-9463
  • The Pie Lady: 115 West 1st St, Broken Bow (580) 584-PIES
  • Whip-Poor-Will Fudge Factory & Sweet Shoppe: 12 miles N Hwy 259 – (580) 494-6476
  • Beavers Bend Wildlife Museum: North Hwy 259 – (580) 494-6193
  • Forest Heritage Center: In the Park (580) 494-6497
  • Gardner Mansion and Museum: 6 miles East, Broken Bow (580) 584-6588, call for appointment
  • Museum of the Red River: 812 E Lincoln Rd, Idabel (580) 286-3616
  • Beavers Bend Gift Shop: In the Park (580) 494-6509
  • Bunch’s Gift & Apparel: 1500 S. Park Dr. Broken Bow (580) 584-6130
  • Mildred McCurry’s Antique Store: located in Holmes Market on Main 580-241-5232
  • Mostly Memories (Antiques): 117 N Main St. Broken Bow (580) 584-5767
  • The Quilt Shoppe: 114 N Main St. Broken Bow (580) 584-7858
  • Youngbloods: 1206 S. Park Dr. Broken Bow (580) 584-6999