Fishing on the Glover River

Enjoy fly fishing for Neosho-strain smallmouth bass in the Glover River. The Glover holds rare native Neosho-strain smallmouth bass, along with Kentucky spotted bass, and a variety of sunfish.
The Glover has protected areas for wade fishing. Using low-visibility line, light tackle, small bait and careful casting you can pull an abundance of perch, smallmouth and largemouth bass and other species. Fishing is best on the upper section of the river, above the rapids and faster moving waters.
The best smallmouth fishing on the Glover starts in mid April. This is when a streamer or big nymph imitation can tie you into some of the river’s biggest fish. As the water warms in early summer, topwaters become more effective. June sees bass coming up for poppers, while July and August call for dragonfly and damselfly patterns. Come fall, hopper and cricket patterns work best. And, of course, crawdad and baitfish imitations are almost always effective.